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Floor cleaner - which one to choose?


Used almost daily in every household, it is an indispensable cleaning agent. Floor cleaning liquids differ from each other in terms of scents, but above all in the type of surface they are intended for. We distinguish products designed specifically for cleaning wooden floors, tiles, panels, or stone.

Fluids for floors

Floors are exposed to many pollutants: dust, sand, shoe marks, and sometimes various types of stains. To keep them clean, it is worth having an effective fluid for cleaning them. Different types of floors require the use of specific cleaning agents. For example, fluids for wooden floors should be different from those for cleaning tiled surfaces. Wood is a sensitive material, requiring fluids that not only clean effectively, but also moisturize and preserve. On the other hand, tiled floors are best cleaned with agents that effectively dissolve dirt, but do not leave streaks. This is how fluids are divided according to their purpose:

  • Wood fluids: Formulated not to damage the wood structure, they protect it from moisture and preserve its natural color.
  • Tiled fluids: Contain ingredients that remove lime deposits and dirt from grout, leaving no streaks.
  • Universal fluids: Can be used on most surfaces, but it is worth checking if they are suitable for our floor.
  • Natural stone fluids: Protect the surface from dirt while enhancing the natural appearance of the stone.

Floor cleaning fluids - wide selection


The quality of floor cleaning fluids is crucial if we want to effectively remove dirt and protect the surface. It is worth paying attention to the composition of the fluid - whether it contains substances that can harm our floor. Tested and recommended by experts, these products usually guarantee safety and effectiveness. Pay attention to:

  • Composition: It is good to choose products that do not contain harmful chemicals that can damage the floor or the health of residents.
  • Efficiency: Highly concentrated fluids can be more efficient and last longer, but it is important to use them according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Safety: Some fluids can make the floor slippery. It is important to choose those that ensure safe use.


More and more manufacturers offer environmentally friendly fluids that do not contain harmful substances and are biodegradable. By choosing an eco-friendly floor cleaner, we not only take care of cleanliness in our home, but also minimize the negative impact on the natural environment. So it's worth considering buying a larger package, after all, we will need it anyway and it will significantly reduce plastic consumption. You can find eco-friendly fluids sold in 10-liter packages here.


When choosing a floor cleaning liquid, it is worth paying attention to its purpose, quality, and ecological aspect. A properly selected liquid will not only provide us with a clean and shiny floor, but also take care of its durability and be pleasant to use.



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