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Reclining mirrors

Mirrors for the disabled are an essential element of bathroom equipment, enabling people with limited mobility to freely perform hygiene activities. These mirrors, mounted on a solid frame allowing for tilting to a vertical position, adjust to the needs of users, allowing them to see their figure without the need to leave the wheelchair. Ideal for installation above a sink, tilting mirrors are used in both public and private places, from health centers to hotels, increasing the independence and safety of disabled people. Various models of mirrors, made of different materials, in different dimensions, tailored to the individual needs of customers are available in the offer.

Mirrors for the disabled - so that the disabled person can easily see themselves

The bathroom for disabled people must be adapted to their needs. It must contain all accessories that allow for easy performance of hygiene activities, so that people with limited mobility can manage without the help of others. One of the elements that significantly facilitates their life is a tilting bathroom mirror.

What does a mirror dedicated to disabled people look like? It is mounted on a sturdy frame that can be extended. It allows the mirror to be tilted to a vertical position - so that the frame is angled towards the wall. Thanks to this, a person sitting in a wheelchair can adjust the mirror in such a way that they can easily see themselves and their entire figure.

The handles for the tilting mirror are best mounted just above the sink, so that the user can see themselves while performing hygiene activities. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the mirror at the right angle, a person in a wheelchair can easily perform precise procedures, such as applying makeup.

Where is a tilting mirror with a handle useful?

These types of mirrors are used in bathrooms and toilets designed for people with disabilities - both in public places and in private homes or apartments. A tilting mirror with a handle will work especially well in bathrooms in health centers or hospitals. They can also be installed in restaurants or hotels that want to make life easier for customers and guests who use wheelchairs.

A mirror with the ability to tilt allows for easy adaptation of the bathroom or toilet to the needs of a person with limited mobility. It should be emphasized that such a mirror is not only a solution for people using wheelchairs, but also for those who, for various reasons, are unable to see themselves in a mirror permanently attached to the wall.

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Mirror for people with disabilities - comfort and convenience of use

Disabled mirrors - especially those that open, play a key role in adapting bathrooms to the needs of people with limited mobility. Their designers make every effort to ensure that this product is not only functional, but also aesthetic, which translates into comfort and convenience of use.

Available offer of tilting bathroom mirrors

Tilting mirrors for the disabled are a well-thought-out solution that increases the independence of users. Their main advantage is the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination of the mirror by up to 20 degrees. Thanks to this, people with disabilities can adjust the position of the mirror to their own needs, which allows them to use it without the help of third parties.

Using such a mirror for the bathroom for the disabled means above all greater independence, but also the certainty that a disabled person is not at risk while using the bathroom. Handles for the tilting mirror with a frame are included in the package, which means that it is not necessary to buy additional accessories. The whole is ready for installation, and the customer receives a full set for the proper functioning of the mirror.

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Mirror for people with disabilities - dimensions

In our offer you can find bathroom mirrors for disabled people made of various materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel. Among the available sizes of mirrors, we can offer models with dimensions of 60 x 60 cm, 70 x 50 cm, or 39 x 54 cm. The choice should depend on individual needs and the possibility of installation in a specific location.

In addition, when choosing a bathroom mirror for a disabled person, it is worth paying attention to its location. The ideal place to place a tilting mirror for disabled people is above the sink. Thanks to this, even people using wheelchairs will have easy access to the mirror and will be able to use its functions freely.

Tilting mirror for disabled people - price

The issue of price for a mirror for disabled people varies depending on the choice. There are models available on the market in different price ranges - from cheaper ones, made of white steel, to more expensive ones, made of matte or glossy steel. However, it is worth noting that ensuring maximum comfort and convenience when using the bathroom for disabled people is an investment that definitely pays off.

Our proposal is not only a wide selection of mirrors for people with disabilities, but also professional advice and assistance in their selection. We want every person, regardless of their health condition and degree of disability, to enjoy the comfort and convenience of using the bathroom. To achieve this, we offer various solutions that allow for customization of this room to individual needs and capabilities of users.

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