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Chemical raw materials

Chemical raw materials, available in our store, are indispensable in industrial plants and the food industry, where they play a key role in maintaining an appropriate level of hygiene and safety. We offer such preparations as sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide, which are sold in containers weighing 25 kg. Sodium hydroxide, due to its cleaning and disinfecting properties, is used in the food industry, while sodium hypochlorite effectively combats pathogenic microorganisms. Both substances are characterized by strong action, therefore their use requires strictly following the manufacturer's recommendations in order not to risk health.

shipment: Thursday (27 June)
Sodium Hypochlorite 25 kg
shipment: Thursday (27 June)
Sodium hypochlorite 150 kg (6 x canisters of 25 kg each)
shipment: Thursday (27 June)
Sodium hypochlorite 300 kg (12 x canisters of 25 kg each)
shipment: Monday (24 June)
Sodium hydroxide flakes 25 kg
shipment: 25 June (Tuesday)
Sodium hydroxide 50% solution 25 kg
Professional cleaning chemistry includes chemical resources, such as sodium hydroxide flakes ( also known as lye and caustic soda), sodium hydroxide 50% and sodium hypochlorite