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Hair dryers

The hair dryer market is rich and varied, meeting all needs related to hair drying and styling. Products include various types, from small, portable devices to large, professional models used in hair salons. Each dryer has unique design and functional features, offering users a wide range of options. In our offer, you can find high-quality hotel hair dryers and pool hair dryers from renowned manufacturers such as Merida, Faneco, Franke, Valera, Warmtec and others.

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Dryer swimming pool 700W ABS B
shipment: 23 April (Tuesday)
Faneco pool dryer hose
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Universal hair dryer 800W
Special offer
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Hotel hair dryer1200 W ABS B

Hotel hair dryer1200 W ABS B

€42.54 gross
€36.83 gross
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Handle for hotel dryers Bisk For You
shipment: Wednesday (17 April)
Sanitario hair dryer 1000W white plastic
shipment: 16 April (Tuesday)
Hair dryer swimming pool TB - C1 AirStar Starmix
shipment: 16 April (Tuesday)
Hair dryer swimming pool TH - C1
shipment: 16 April (Tuesday)
Guide to hair dryers THH Starmix
shipment: 16 April (Tuesday)
Hotel Hair Dryer HFSW12
shipment: 16 April (Tuesday)
Hotel hair dryer with socket HFTW12 S
shipment: 16 April (Tuesday)
Hotel Hair Dryer HFW12

Hair Dryers - Efficient and Versatile Hair Styling Tool

Hair dryers are essential tools for drying and styling hair quickly and efficiently. They are commonly used in homes, salons, hotels, and other establishments where hair care is a priority.

One of the key benefits of hair dryers is their ability to quickly dry wet hair, saving time and effort. They utilize hot airflow to evaporate moisture from the hair, allowing for faster drying compared to air drying.

Hair dryers come in various types and designs, including handheld dryers and salon-style hooded dryers. Handheld dryers are versatile and easy to use, allowing for precise styling and control. Hooded dryers, on the other hand, are designed to dry the hair evenly by covering the entire head with a hood-like attachment.

Modern hair dryers often come with multiple heat and speed settings, allowing users to customize the drying experience based on their hair type and desired style. They may also include additional features such as cool shot buttons to lock in hairstyles, diffuser attachments for enhancing natural curls, and concentrator nozzles for focused airflow.

When choosing a hair dryer, it's important to consider factors such as power wattage, heat settings, airflow strength, and ergonomic design. These factors can impact the drying time, styling capabilities, and overall user experience.

Using a hair dryer properly and following safety precautions, such as keeping a safe distance from the scalp and avoiding excessive heat exposure, can help maintain healthy and shiny hair.

Explore our selection of hair dryers to find the perfect one for your hair care needs!