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Elbow dispensers

Elbow dispensers for disinfectants and soap are not only easy to use but also extremely hygienic. They allow for the touchless acquisition of an appropriate amount of the product, which minimizes the risk of cross-contamination between users.

An excellent alternative to electric dispensers are elbow soap dispensers and elbow disinfectant dispensers, which are equipped with a special lever. The use of the cleaning agent is possible by pressing the lever with the elbow or the arm. Such devices are most often found in medical facilities, such as hospitals, especially in operating rooms, or in doctor's offices, where they are crucial for proper hand disinfection.

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Elbow dispenser 0.5 l POP
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Elbow dispenser 1l POP
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Disinfectant And Soap Dispenser 500 ml
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Disinfectant / soap dispenser 1000 ml
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Bottle for hand sanitizer dispenser 500 ml
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Salamanka elbow dispenser 0,75l
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Elbow Disinfectant And Soap Dispenser 1000 ml
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Liquid disinfectant and soap dispenser 500 ml
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Soap and disinfection gel dispenser Bisk 500 ml
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Elbow Dispenser 1000ml with pump plastic, short handle

Elbow Dispensers - Hygiene and Convenience in One

Elbow dispensers are practical devices that allow for comfortable and hygienic use of disinfectant liquids or liquid soap. Thanks to the dispenser being operated by pressing with the elbow, there is no need to touch the device with hands, minimizing the risk of transmitting diseases and infections. Elbow soap dispensers are an ideal solution for places where many people use them, such as offices, toilets in shopping centers, or medical facilities. With its convenient and hygienic use, the elbow dispenser ensures comfort and safety to its users.

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Types of Elbow Dispensers

In the category of elbow dispensers, there are products in various sizes, from 0.5 liter capacity to 1 liter. Elbow soap dispensers can be made of different materials, such as aluminum, matte steel or plastic. All are easy to install and use, as well as comfortable and hygienic. In the category of elbow dispensers, there are models with different functions, such as elbow disinfectant dispensers, elbow liquid soap dispensers or with a plastic or metal pump. In this way, every user can choose a product that meets their needs and requirements. An elbow dispenser can be equipped with various features, such as a control window, which allows for checking the amount of remaining liquid, or a plastic or metal pump, which facilitates the extraction of liquid. In this category, it is worth mentioning, among others, the modern Faneco MED elbow dispenser and the elegant elbow dispensers for disinfectant liquid from Merida.

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Why should you buy elbow dispensers in our store?

Purchasing elbow dispensers in our store guarantees high-quality products and professional service. We offer products from various brands, such as Faneco and Tork, giving customers the opportunity to choose the best solution for themselves. Products available in the category of elbow dispensers have a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring that they are made of the highest quality materials and are reliable in use. By purchasing an elbow dispenser in our store, the customer can count on professional service, expert advice, and fast order processing. We also offer competitive prices and attractive promotions, making our products accessible to a wide range of customers.

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