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Automatic dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers or sanitising liquid dispensers are a perfect proposition for modern toilets and places with high footfall. They are an indispensable convenience in sport facilities, gastronomy points, shopping malls, as well as in offices, schools, or healthcare facilities. They are recommended wherever large groups of people gather.

The undeniable advantage of touchless dispensers is their safety and economy. Thanks to automatic dosing, they provide the appropriate amount of preparation, eliminating the risk of its excessive use. They allow for hygienic hand washing or disinfection, without the need to touch the device, which translates into maintaining cleanliness and freedom from bacteria.

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Automatic soap dispenser 1.2 l LAB
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AC adapter for the Faneco MED touchless dispenser
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Automatic soap dispenser 0.5 liter ABS M
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Automatic liquid soap dispenser 500 ml abs
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Automatic liquid soap dispenser 500 ml white
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Automatic liquid soap dispenser 500 ml
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Foam Soap Dispenser Tork with Intuition™ sensor

Automatic Dispensers - A Sterile and Modern Way to Maintain Hygiene

Do you own a restaurant, hair salon, cosmetic salon, or massage parlor? Would you like both your staff and customers to feel safe? Opt for modern touchless dispensers! With such devices, you can easily provide comfortable hand washing or disinfection to your employees and customers. An automatic soap or disinfectant dispenser has a positive impact on your brand image and shows that you are known as a professional employer and a business that cares about the safety and comfort of its customers. Besides, touchless soap dispensers, with their minimalist design, become an elegant room decoration.

Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers can be installed right at the entrance of your hair salon, medical facility, or store. Thanks to the photocell, the device registers the customer's hand approaching and dispenses the optimal amount of sanitiser needed for hand disinfection. In addition, the touchless wall dispenser has a high-quality dosing system. This allows dispensing the necessary amount of sanitiser and tightly closing the container after use to prevent dripping. This feature promotes savings by preventing unnecessary wastage of the product.

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Touchless Soap Dispensers - How Do They Work?

Touchless soap dispensers are high-quality intelligent devices. They have a built-in photocell that registers an approaching hand and then the dosing system dispenses the right amount of washing or disinfectant agent. A touchless soap dispenser compared to soap bars or pump bottles is a more hygienic solution. The device does not come into contact with the user's body surface and dispenses the liquid by itself, so there is no accumulation of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms on its shell. Touchless soap dispensers, therefore, guarantee a high standard of hygiene, which is very important nowadays.

After dispensing the optimal amount of product, touchless soap dispensers automatically close tightly. This means the customer only gets as much product as they need for washing or disinfecting their hands. The tight closing of the touchless soap dispenser also prevents dripping, which generates additional savings.

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Ensure Customer Safety by Purchasing Touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Nowadays, hygiene and safety play a key role that influences the image of a restaurant, spa, hairdresser, or beautician. Therefore, the cleanliness of the place and providing free access to disinfectants is a standard that needs to be taken care of. It should be noted that bathrooms are also subject to thorough assessment and it is worth providing automatic soap and disinfectant dispensers there as well.

To show customers that the business pays attention to hygiene and cleanliness, it is worth installing touchless stand dispensers on the premises - these devices should ideally be placed right at the entrance to the facility. With touchless dispensers for hand sanitiser, you also express concern for the comfort and safety of your customers, which will certainly not go unnoticed.

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In our offer, you will find various automatic soap dispensers. So, you can select the model that perfectly matches your interior and at the same time offers the desired functionality.

We also offer automatic foam soap dispensers that dispense the right amount of foamed soap. This is a very practical device that allows much more efficient, quicker, and more precise hand washing. When using a liquid, you have to rub your hands a bit longer to create cleansing foam; this takes a bit longer, and the effectiveness of such washing is somewhat lower. With an automatic soap dispenser, the foam is generated by the device itself.

Also, check out the automatic soap dispenser with battery sensor, which can efficiently operate even in places where there is no free access to electricity. A touchless soap dispenser with a battery can be mounted at the entrance to a store, office, gym, or beauty salon.

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