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Hand pastes

Hand cleaner paste is a specialist product designed to remove tough hand stains that cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning agents such as liquid or bar soap. They are characterized by their strong cleaning and bactericidal action, and yet they are safe for the skin, not causing irritation. In addition, some contain care ingredients that help protect the skin. Hand cleaning paste is available in various forms, including with a dispenser or for refilling a dispenser. Among the various types of hand pastes on the market are: abrasive pastes, sand-based pastes, soap-based ones, with wood shavings, and with glycerin. Using hand cleaning paste is simple - just apply a small amount to dry skin, rub it in thoroughly, and then rinse off.

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Heavy Duty cleaner paste
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BHP hand washing pasta with abrasive 500 g CleanPRO
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Hand cream - what is it?

During work in a workshop or during regular DIY projects in the garage, hands usually get covered in dirt. Various oils and greases cause contamination that is difficult to remove with regular hand washing products such as liquid soap or bar soap. In such cases, the best solution is a special hand cleaning cream.

Hand creams are designed for washing heavily soiled hands. They effectively remove all kinds of contaminants that regular soaps cannot handle, even those of chemical origin.

The high effectiveness of hand cleaning creams is due to the strong action of cleaning and antibacterial agents in their composition. However, these products are not harmful to the skin. Some creams also contain nourishing and caring ingredients that prevent irritation.

Hand creams - available types

We offer a wide selection of hand creams in various forms. The products we offer may differ mainly in their composition. There are hand creams with a dispenser, as well as hand cleaning creams with a refillable dispenser. In the latter case, the dispenser for the product must be purchased separately.

Among the available types of hand creams on the market, you can find:

abrasive BHP paste - in addition to active ingredients, it also contains abrasive substances that allow for efficient removal of dirt. It does not damage the skin. Recommended for removing stains caused by paint, glue, oil, carbon dust, grease, tar, or soot; sand BHP paste - the sand present in the preparation increases the effectiveness of the paste and allows for quick and effective removal of stains from tar or grease. A good sand paste should contain protective and nourishing substances in its composition; soap BHP paste - made with sodium soap, it can be used not only for hand washing, but also for laundry. After use, it is recommended to use a high-quality cream with strong moisturizing properties; sawdust BHP paste - the abrasive agent in this case is wood flour or finely ground wood. It is gentler than sand paste; glycerin BHP paste - glycerin is included in the composition, and often also coconut oil, which together make the product have a very gentle effect on the skin.

How to use hand pastes?

BHP hand paste is not a standard product that everyone has in their home, so many people may not know how to use such a product. However, it turns out to be very easy to use.

Simply apply a small amount of the substance on dry skin, and then rub it in thoroughly. After spreading the product, rinse it off with water.

Dry hand washing paste should eliminate all dirt on the first try. However, if there is still dirt on your hands, the process should be repeated until the desired results are achieved.