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Trash bags

Waste segregation is not only beneficial for the environment, but also mandatory, aiding in efficient waste recovery and disposal. Garbage bags in different colors are helpful in segregation, corresponding to different types of waste: yellow for metals and plastics, blue for paper, green for glass, brown for biodegradable waste, and black for mixed waste. The choice of the right garbage bag depends on several factors, including fitting the trash can, durability, and user convenience. The store offers garbage bags of various capacities (35l, 60l, 120l), which are suitable for different types of bins and purposes, all made from high-quality materials.

Trash bags are one of the basic cleaning accessories. Made of durable plastic film, dustbin liners of diverse capacity, colour and application. We offer universal trash bags and recycle bins. Plastic bags and paper bags, sanitary waste bags for women's restroom.