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Industrial Roll Paper Dispensers

shipment: Thursday (01 August)
Industrial roll dispenser wall-mounted
shipment: Thursday (25 July)
Wiper roll dispenser Tork PERFORMANCE
shipment: tommorow
Stand for industrial cleaning rags
shipment: Thursday (25 July)
Stand for industrial detergent container for disposal
shipment: 06 August (Tuesday)
Wall dispenser for towels
shipment: Thursday (25 July)
Wall dispenser for idustrial towel with trash bag handle
shipment: 30 July (Tuesday)
Roll wiper dispenser blue steel Kimberly Clark
shipment: 30 July (Tuesday)
Floor stand wiper dispenser Kimberly Clark PROFESSIONAL
shipment: Thursday (25 July)
Floor stand wiper dispenser 40 cm Katrin black steel

In industrial, manufacturing or service plants, such as car workshops, efficiency and organization of the workplace play a crucial role. In these contexts, our industrial rag racks and holders become invaluable equipment, allowing employees to have quick and easy access to cleaning materials. They enable maintaining order and efficiency, ensuring that everything is in its place.

Industrial rag racks

A rack is the perfect solution for those who need quick access to rags in their daily work. We offer both freestanding and wall-mounted models, which work perfectly in various industrial spaces and conditions. Freestanding models are easy to move, which is ideal in spaces where flexibility in organizing the workplace is needed. On the other hand, wall-mounted racks maximize the use of available space, keeping rags within reach without taking up valuable floor space.

Industrial rag holders

Holders are designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency of use. From simple hangers to advanced roll dispensers, each product ensures ease of use and quick access to rags. The perfect solution for places where cleanliness and speed are a priority.

Customization to your needs: When choosing the right stand or holder, it is worth considering the size and type of workspace as well as the type of work being performed. Our offer includes products for both large rolls of wipes and smaller ones, tailored to the specific needs of users. In addition, we offer stands made of various materials - from durable metal to lightweight plastics, allowing for adaptation to the conditions in the workplace.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of our store, where you will find stands and holders for industrial wipes that will not only streamline work, but also contribute to maintaining order and hygiene in the workplace. Discover how our solutions can contribute to better organization and efficiency in your work environment.