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  • Over 150,000 satisfied institutional customers
  • Comprehensive offer
  • Experience and high standard of customer service
  • Reliability and security of transactions
  • Own warehouses and logistics center
  • Competitive prices and high quality

Our company has been dealing with hygiene in public places since 1998. It produces, imports, and distributes high-quality equipment for public toilets, cleaning equipment, household and professional chemicals.

Pays particular attention to ethics in all aspects of the company's operation. Invests in modern technologies, which allows for a comprehensive and modern product offer. The company is guided by a particular concern for the natural environment.

In response to the growing expectations of customers, and the need to increase the competitiveness of the offer, the company strives to continually expand the range of products presented on Cares about professional service, providing advice both before placing an order and after making a sale. The company is focused on constantly strengthening communication standards along the Customer - Seller line. Attaches great importance to the timeliness of actions.

The offered products are supported not only by competitive prices, but above all by attestations, permits, certificates, and quality certificates.

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Every day, competent people with appropriate knowledge and experience supervise the high quality of customer service. Thanks to these people, the store can additionally provide professional advice and help in choosing the best product along with commercial services.

Area of operation
Cooperates with companies from all over the world. The main headquarters is located in Poznan. Exports its products to European Union countries.


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