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Product series

Special offer


shipment: Monday (24 June)
OLE soap without dyes and fragrances 5 liters
shipment: Monday (24 June)
Hand Dryer 2000W MISTRAL
shipment: Monday (24 June)
Folded paper towel dispenser DUO S
shipment: Monday (24 June)
Toilet paper dispenser ECO Faneco
shipment: Monday (24 June)
Container for toilet paper POP
shipment: Monday (24 June)
Folded paper towels dispenser ECO Faneco
shipment: Monday (24 June)
OLE Soap 5 liters
shipment: Monday (24 June)
Folded paper towel dispenser Faneco DARK plastic black
shipment: Monday (24 June)
Toilet paper dispenser Faneco DARK Midi plastic black
shipment: Monday (24 June)
Soap dispenser Faneco DARK 1 l plastic black
shipment: Monday (24 June)
ZZ Paper Towel Dispenser POP
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Bathroom and Toilet Equipment

The largest online store offering hand dryers, soap dispensers, towel and toilet paper containers, handles for the disabled, and other professional sanitary articles

Welcome to our online store where you will find a full range of bathroom and toilet equipment, tailored to diverse needs and preferences. We are experts in the field of sanitary products, providing not only high-quality bathroom accessories but also comprehensive equipment for public toilets.

Our offer includes everything necessary to create a comfortable and functional place. We propose a wide selection of soap dispensers, both standing and hanging, which add elegance to every bathroom. We also offer practical and aesthetically pleasing hand dryers, which are an essential part of sanitary equipment.

In addition, in our assortment, you will find different kinds of containers - from those for paper towels, through containers for toilet paper, to various other toilet accessories, which will increase the comfort of using these spaces. We also provide bathroom consumables, such as toilet paper, soaps, or paper towels.

As a bathroom equipment store, we are here to help you create the space you desire. Our assortment also includes stylish bathroom fittings, which are not only practical but also beautifully presented in interiors.

If you are looking for a set of bathroom accessories or specialist public toilet equipment, you are in the right place. Our bathroom fittings store guarantees a wide choice, high quality, and competitive prices.

Trust our experience and let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Our knowledge, experience, and wide assortment make us an indispensable partner in the field of sanitary equipment. Take advantage of our offer today and see how easy it can be to create the perfect bathroom space.

Hand dryers, hotel dryers, and pool dryers

are currently very popular devices for drying hands in public toilets. The store provides a large selection of automatic and manually operated traditional and pocket dryers made of stainless steel or ABS plastic.

Soap dispensers and disinfectant fluid dispensers

are basic equipment of public bathrooms, hospitals, production plants, catering establishments, and many other facilities. allows for comprehensive procurement of soap dispensers, touchless soap containers, elbow dispensers, or foam soap distributors.

Check out the soap dispensers available in our offer!

Paper towel dispensers and toilet paper containers

are devices necessary mainly in places such as public toilets, hotels, catering establishments. Dispensers for paper towels and toilet paper dispensers allow for hygienic dispensing of ZZ towels and paper. Their supplements are dispensers for cleaning materials, tissue containers, and toilet seat cover dispensers. Garbage bins are indispensable in almost every facility. Apart from general-purpose waste containers, there are segregation bins, touchless bins, medical waste containers, or bathroom bins.

Handles for the disabled and bathroom equipment for the disabled

are key elements in the process of designing both public toilets and home bathrooms. In the era of growing awareness of the needs and rights of people with disabilities, more and more importance is attached to creating accessible and safe spaces for everyone. A barrier-free toilet equipped with handles for the disabled and seniors is becoming the norm, not the exception.

Toilet consumables

are a key element of any sanitary space, both in public places and homes. These essential sanitary articles include, among others, toilet paper, liquid soap, paper towels, or cleaning products, which help maintain hygiene and freshness in the toilet. The good quality of these products is extremely important as it directly affects the comfort and experiences of users. In the case of public toilets, regular replenishment of consumables is indispensable to ensure uninterrupted availability of these basic facilities for all visitors.

Check sanitary consumables for bathrooms in our store!