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Electric dryers are an important part of equipment in public toilet. They can be found virtually in every public facillities. Among electric dryers we distinguish: hand dryers, hotel hair dryers and swimming pool hair dryers. Energy-efficient hand dryers are a better option for shared bathrooms compared to paper towels. These includes several types: the most popular touchless hand dryers, push-button hand dryers (these are chosen for example for small toilets where there is a risk of accidental start-up of an automatic dryer) and jet hand dryers which become more popular. Hotel hair dryers usually have a dryer holder which is fixed to the wall. Swimming pool hair dryers are indispensable in high humidity rooms. The price depends not only on the functionality or material of the casing, but also from the manufacturer.

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Dryers, even the ordinary wall-mounted ones with rotating nozzles allow very efficient use of the air stream generated by the dryer for various purposes, making bathrooms a more comfortable and multifunctional place. And it is this versatility, combined with the fact that energy-efficient hand dryers are a better solution for a public bathroom compared to paper towels that makes dryers utilizing various technologies and methods of removing moisture present in practically every public utility building.

In our offer, you can find electronic dryers Bisk, Dyson, Franke, Faneco, Merida, Starmix, Valera, Warmtec, EKAplast, Impeco, and other globally known manufacturers, available in many colors and casings made of ABS plastic or stainless steel. They are divided into electric hand dryers, pocket dryers, hotel dryers and high-power and humidity-resistant pool dryers.

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Why is it worth investing in dryers?

Many people may wonder why it is worth investing in hand dryers, especially when it comes to businesses or public utility facilities. Let's take a look at several reasons why such an investment is profitable.

The first one is obvious financial benefits. Replacing paper towels with hand dryers, especially electric hand dryers, can reduce expenses by up to 99%. This difference can of course vary depending on the price of towels or electricity, but there is no denying that for any business, small or large, the systematic purchase of paper towels is a much larger annual expense than the costs of electricity consumption by one small device. In addition, modern bathroom dryers are becoming more and more energy-efficient, which further lowers their operating costs. What's more, the price of hand dryers does not have to be exorbitant - there are also cheap hand dryers on the market that do their job just as effectively.

Another important argument is ecology. Automatic hand dryers do not require paper consumption, which significantly reduces their impact on the environment. They also do not generate such a large amount of waste, which results in less burden on waste systems and thus less effort associated with their service.

It is also worth paying attention to the comfort of use. Pocket hand dryers or hand dryers equipped with convenient handles and nozzles are a significant convenience for people using various facilities - from public bathrooms, through schools, to sports and recreation centers. Users of these places can fully focus on their activities without worrying about the availability of paper towels.

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What to consider when choosing a dryer?

Hand dryers available on the market are diverse, both in terms of functions and technical parameters. When choosing a hand dryer, it is worth paying attention to several key aspects that determine the comfort of use and the efficiency of a particular model.

One of them is energy consumption. The amount of electricity consumption depends on the type of dryer - some, such as the electric hand dryer, are designed to minimize energy costs. Some models use touchless technology, which allows for energy saving through the automatic shutdown of the device when not in use.

Another important factor is moisture resistance. Dryers, especially those intended for places with high humidity, such as swimming pools, should be particularly resistant to water action. Therefore, pool dryers are designed for intensive use and are usually made of corrosion-resistant materials.

One cannot forget about the level of noise intensity either. Some dryers, especially older models, can generate quite a lot of noise, which may be uncomfortable for users. Therefore, manufacturers increasingly offer touchless dryers that operate quietly and efficiently, increasing user comfort.

Finally, the choice of dryer color can be important from the aesthetic point of view of the place where it is used. For example, a black hand dryer can add elegance and modernity to a bathroom, while ensuring efficiency and comfort of use.

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Noise level

The noise level of devices such as hair dryers is a key factor to consider when choosing a model suitable for a specific toilet, sanitary room or changing room. After all, these devices generate a certain amount of noise during operation, which can affect user comfort.

While browsing through various models offered by manufacturers, you will quickly notice that they differ not only in appearance and operation, but also in noise level. The latter parameter is usually specified in the product description in decibels (dB). A key factor influencing the noise level generated by a dryer is primarily the drying speed - the higher the air speed, the louder the device's engine operates.

Although there is no universal classification of dryers according to noise level, we can adopt a certain division. Quiet dryers are those that during operation generate about 50-60 dB. Moderately loud dryers emit sound at the level of 60-70 dB, while devices that generate over 70 dB during operation, we can already classify as loud.

Among the quietest dryers, we will mainly find older models, such as bathroom hair dryers, or hotel hair dryers that do not generate a strong air current, but dry hands with high temperature. In such devices, the heater used is more important than the engine power. Unfortunately, the downside of these devices is the drying time.

New dryer models, such as the automatic hand dryer or the pocket hand dryer, usually dry hands in 10 to 15 seconds. However, they are usually more noisy as they operate at higher speeds.

Dryer power

The rated power of a dryer, i.e. the power at which the device operates correctly and in accordance with the standards, is a key parameter that affects the efficiency of the device, as well as the costs of its operation. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the rated power of dryers can range from 450 to 2500 W.

Higher rated power means faster drying, but at the same time it is associated with higher energy consumption, which translates into higher electricity bills. For this reason, when choosing a hand dryer, it is worth considering your needs and capabilities.

At one end of this power scale, we will find ordinary hand dryers, which use a strong stream of cold air to remove water from the skin. These models usually have the lowest rated power, which translates into lower energy bills, but also a longer drying time.

At the other end of the power scale, we will find devices such as pocket dryers and pool dryers, which provide a pleasant, warm stream of air and are usually more powerful. This means that they dry hands faster, but also consume more energy.

It should be noted that some modern dryer models offer the possibility of power adjustment. For example, in some pocket hand dryer models, you can turn off the heater and switch the device to energy-saving mode. Thanks to this, the user has greater control over energy consumption and can adjust the operation of the dryer to their needs.

Therefore, when choosing a hand dryer, it is worth considering not only its rated power, but also the available power adjustment options, which can help balance between drying speed and energy consumption.

Housing material and appearance

Bathroom dryers offered by various manufacturers present a variety not only in shapes and sizes, which are perfectly adapted to the needs of both smaller and larger public toilets as well as sporting and recreational facilities. Their diversity also manifests itself in the range of materials used.

Plastic and durable synthetic materials, such as polycarbonate or ABS plastic, are very popular. They are suitable both as bathroom hair dryers and as wall-mounted bathroom dryers. The attention of manufacturers is also attracted by aesthetic and resistant stainless steel, available in a polished or matte version, from which electric hand dryers are often made.

Multi-colored, white, black and silver bathroom dryers are easy to match with the rest of the bathroom equipment so that they create a coherent composition with its entire arrangement. Devices in metal housings, such as an electric hand dryer, work best in modern, dark and industrial interiors, emphasizing their character. On the other hand, those made of plastic will perfectly fit into all other rooms, mainly due to their wider color range.

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