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Mirrors and glasses

Streak-free window cleaner, available in our store, is the perfect solution for those who desire to easily and quickly clean glass surfaces to a high shine. Our range includes a wide selection of glass and mirror cleaning products, including alcohol-based and alcohol-free products, available in various capacities. The best glass and mirror cleaning liquids dry quickly, leave no streaks, effectively remove dirt, have a pleasant smell, and are efficient. We also offer cleaners with anti-soiling technology, which prevent dirt from settling on the cleaned surfaces, thus prolonging their cleanliness and freshness.

shipment: Wednesday (17 April)
Cif Window & Multisurface Cleaner 750 ml
shipment: Monday (15 April)
Cif Window & Multisurface Cleaner 5l
shipment: Monday (15 April)
Cif Stainless Steel & Glass 750 ml