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The category Others is a collection of diverse products that are intended to satisfy a wide range of needs related to the operation and cleanliness maintenance in bathrooms and toilets. Among them, we find shower accessories, which facilitate the comfort of using the shower, and various elements of bathroom fittings, used for regulating the water flow. Bathroom mirrors are an indispensable element of every bathroom, while purifiers and air fresheners help maintain the freshness and cleanliness of the air in rooms.

In this category, there are also toilet signs, which assist in easy and quick identification of a given room, and urinals and toilet bowls, being the basic equipment of toilets. Baby changing stations are an important element in public places, enabling safe and hygienic diaper changes, and insect killer lamps help maintain cleanliness by eliminating unwanted insects. Toilet brushes, sinks, and dishwashers are essential tools for maintaining cleanliness, while toilet hooks provide a place to store towels and other necessary items. Each of these products plays a specific role, and together they create a comprehensive equipment for maintaining the hygiene and functionality of bathrooms and toilets.