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Toilets of the future - innovations that will soon appear on the market


The toilet, although extremely important for our hygiene and health, is often overlooked as an element that can be technologically improved. However, the sanitary industry is developing rapidly, and toilet manufacturers are racing with innovations, introducing increasingly advanced technological solutions to the market. Here is a review of the latest achievements in the field of toilets of the future, which we may soon encounter in our bathrooms.

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Smart toilets - regular health checks without leaving home

One of the most fascinating trends is the development of smart toilets. These advanced devices combine health functions, convenience, and environmental protection. Smart toilets can be equipped with built-in sensors that analyze our waste for the presence of various substances and health markers. As a result, they can provide valuable information about our health status, such as blood glucose level, presence of blood or other irregularities. This type of technology can be particularly useful for people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes or bowel diseases, allowing them to monitor their health in a discreet and non-invasive way.

Innovative toilets can also analyze the composition of our urine, allowing for the monitoring of body hydration. Advanced algorithms process data and based on the information received, they can give us tips about hydrating the body. This allows us to better take care of our health and avoid dehydration problems.

Smart toilet

Neutralizing the impact on the environment

Another aspect of smart toilets are functions related to environmental protection. Smart toilets utilize solutions such as dual-flush, which allows the amount of water used to be adapted to the needs of a given situation. In addition, toilets can have filtering systems that purify the water before it returns to the environment, minimizing the impact on the ecosystem. In this way, by using smart toilets, we can contribute to water savings and energy reduction.

Comfortable and hygienic toilet from Toto

Toto, a well-known toilet manufacturer, also presents innovative solutions for the future. At CES 2022, it presented a range of modern products and technologies aimed at providing a cleaner and healthier bathroom space.

One interesting solution is a smart toilet equipped with a self-cleaning system. Thanks to the use of special ceramic coatings and electrolytic technology, the Toto toilet can effectively remove deposits and bacteria, minimizing the need for manual cleaning. This not only brings benefits in terms of hygiene, but also saves the user's time and effort.

Another aspect that has been focused on is user comfort. Toto introduces innovative features, such as heated seats, adjustable water temperature for washing, and odor elimination systems. This makes the use of the toilet more luxurious and pleasant for the user.

Toilet from Toto

Smart home toilet

It's also worth mentioning the integration of smart toilets with smart home systems. Technology enters our bathrooms, enabling personalization of settings, control through a mobile application or even the use of voice assistants. This allows us to adjust the toilet settings to our preferences and needs, creating a personalized experience.

Challenges associated with modern technology

The introduction of such advanced technologies to the toilet also raises some issues related to privacy and data security. Attention should be paid to the need for proper protection of personal data collected by smart toilets. It is necessary to ensure that information about our health will not be used unauthorized or unknown to the user.

Toilet manufacturers are interested in building the trust of their customers by ensuring secure data collection and processing. Many companies focus on data encryption and the ability to disable or control information-gathering functions. However, with the development of smart toilets, it will also be necessary to develop appropriate regulations and standards for privacy protection.

Another challenge associated with introducing innovation to toilets is accessibility and price. Currently, smart toilets are often expensive and only available to a small group of customers. However, with technological progress and increasing market competition, we can expect a gradual reduction in costs and greater availability of these solutions.

Toilet from Kohler


Toilets of the future bring many innovations aimed at improving our health, comfort, and environmental protection. Smart toilets use sensors and advanced algorithms to monitor health status and body hydration, and also offer water and energy-saving functions. Toto presents advanced technologies such as self-cleaning and adjustable comfort features. The whole thing also integrates with smart home systems, ensuring personalization and ease of control. The future of toilets looks promising, offering us new possibilities and improvements in our daily hygiene and bathroom experience, but as these new solutions are introduced, it is also important to ensure appropriate privacy and data security. The sanitary industry continues to evolve, and toilet manufacturers strive to create better, more technologically advanced products that meet diverse needs and expectations of users.

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Author: Marcel Apola

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