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How to get rid of fish from the bathroom, 5 effective ways


Sugar fish are small nocturnal insects that resemble a silvery armor in color and shape. The insects most commonly appear in bathrooms.

Where do fish come from in the house?

Sugar fish are most commonly found in warm and humid places where there is no access to light. Bathroom fish can appear in any room, but they are most commonly found in the toilet. The fish, not without reason called sugar, feed on leftovers and crumbs of food containing sugar, they also consume insects and products containing cellulose.

Where do fish come from in bathrooms?

Bathroom fish love moisture in the air, which is why they are often found in toilet spaces. Lack of proper ventilation significantly contributes to the appearance of bathroom bugs.

Fish in the kitchen, how to get rid of them?

Insects such as sugar fish, which are referred to as bathroom bugs, move to the kitchen mainly in search of food. To get rid of fish, you should take care to limit access to food.

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Should we be afraid of silverfish?

Do silverfish bite?

Silverfish are harmless insects, which despite their unpleasant appearance, are not dangerous to humans. Silverfish, which are afraid of light, are a threat to insects and books. Dampness causes significant damage in places where they have access to cellulose.



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5 most effective ways to get rid of silverfish in the bathroom

Home remedies for getting rid of silverfish from the house are the most frequently asked question. Getting rid of silverfish is possible in two ways, through chemical means or in a natural way.

Home remedies for silverfish - how to get rid of them?

1. When looking for ways to deal with silverfish, we should first of all take care of proper ventilation and maintaining the right temperature in the rooms.

2. Limiting access to food reduces the risk of sugarfish appearing in other rooms. To limit access to food, you can use containers that will not allow silverfish to feed.

3. Vinegar for silverfish and cinnamon for silverfish
A solution with the addition of vinegar works well. Mix a cup of warm vinegar with lavender oil or cinnamon to get a substance that, when sprayed in the corners of the most common occurrence, helps to repel them.

4. Jar trap
You can also use a simple trap that takes about 15 minutes to make. The prepared jar should be taped on the outside, then a little sugar is placed inside the jar, which is an ideal bait for silverfish.

5. Honey box
Honey box, like the jar trap, is easy to make. The honey-coated cardboard attracts silverfish and does not allow it to escape due to the sticky consistency of honey.

Home remedies for getting rid of sugar bugs are useful when there are children and pets living in the house. Animals such as dogs and cats definitely help to eliminate dampness in household spaces. Their natural predatory instinct causes them to catch sugar bugs.

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How to explain a dream about bugs?

Dreams about bugs have their symbolic meanings, depending on the type of dream they can predict family quarrels, health problems, and bugs are also associated with a sign of upcoming misfortunes.

Author: Katarzyna Szumska