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Eco-friendly bathroom - eco solutions


Awareness of the impact that humans have on protecting the environment has led to an increasing number of people making changes in their homes and workplaces, using eco-friendly solutions even in their bathrooms. How to create an eco-friendly bathroom?

Eco products, what are they?

Eco solutions - impact on the environment

They should be products certified as eco-friendly. Eco products created in harmony with nature, made from natural ingredients, have a logo indicating their ecological properties.

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Eco-friendly hygiene products

Paper dispenser - Smart One Tork

Tork, a company that focuses on creating sustainable solutions for the future, is driven by pro-ecological actions. As finalists for three European Office Products Awards, Tork and Essity proudly state on their website, "Tork and Essity are honored to have been chosen as finalists for not just one, but three European Office Products Awards!"

Tork offers products that are certified by various eco-labels such as Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan. Their T8 toilet paper rolls, designed for Smart One dispensers and certified by Ecolabel, are an eco-friendly product that is highly efficient due to its large roll size.

By utilizing solutions offered by Tork, such as the Tork Smart One black toilet paper dispenser in the T8 Smart One system, we can reduce the amount of consumable material used.

Dispensing one sheet at a time, this system reduces consumption of consumable material by up to 40%.

This is an excellent solution for toilets located in public places, schools, sports centers, hospitals, where we want to create a bathroom that promotes eco-friendly solutions.

Eco-friendly products for the bathroom

You can also use:

- toothpaste made from natural ingredients,
- efficient consumables: paper, towels,
- articles made from renewable resources.

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Eco-friendly solutions for the bathroom

Creating an eco-friendly toilet is based on various pro-environmental actions that support the environmental protection system.

Water conservation

Eco-friendly bathroom - water conservation

It is worth using solutions that limit the amount of water used. When using the bathroom to brush our teeth or wash our hands, we do not think about how much water is being extracted from the sink faucet and what impact excessive use can have on the environment. A good environmentally friendly solution is spouts with aerators or just aerators themselves, which reduce the amount of water flowing out.


By using LED bulbs in our desired lamp, we reduce electricity consumption, which translates into financial gains and environmental protection.

Eco-friendly toilet cleaning

When implementing environmentally friendly actions, it is also worth using eco-friendly methods for cleaning the toilet. Household products can help get rid of dirt without using strong chemicals. How to do it? By using baking soda, vinegar, or toilet cleaner, you can improve the appearance of your bathroom. Vinegar and baking soda have properties that help remove dirt, and the cleaner shines the wiped surface.

Author: Katarzyna Szumska