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Food industry

Cleaning and disinfection products are essential in the food industry to ensure hygiene and safety, in accordance with the HACCP system and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). These professional preparations remove both dirt and pathogenic microorganisms, preventing the development of dangerous diseases. Products available on the market are tailored to the specifics of different food establishments, including meat plants, fruit and vegetable processing plants, or dairies. You can buy cleaning products for gastronomy, which may or may not contain foaming substances. These preparations are intended for cleaning various types of surfaces, from carpets to countertops. When purchasing cleaning products, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the product and the manufacturer's recommendations for use to ensure their effectiveness and safety of use. From an economic point of view, purchasing cleaning products in larger packages is more cost-effective.

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Anti glue 0,5l Sticker remover
shipment: Friday (26 July)
Brud Clean 1l alkaline cleaner
shipment: Friday (26 July)
Brud Clean 5l Alkaline Cleaner