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What impact does smog have on health due to polluted air?


Smog alerts warn of high levels of pollution, the dangers resulting from unfavorable concentrations of harmful substances in the air is a global problem. Gases that have a negative impact on human health and atmospheric changes enter the atmosphere.

What is smog?

The term comes from the English words smoke meaning smoke and fog meaning fog. Mixed with air, pollutants resulting from human activities have a negative impact on the planet. Global actions that will reduce the amount of harmful substances are a priority for air purification.

There are two types of smog distinguished by location and conditions:
- London smog occurring in a temperate climate usually from November to January,
- Los Angeles type in subtropical zones in the summer.


Smog in the city


The smog season in Poland begins during the heating period. Autumn and winter temperatures contribute to an increase in the amount of pollutants. Substances released into the air from outdated furnaces, low-quality coal, and waste cause constant controversy. The question of how to deal with this has been raised for a long time.

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Polska Bez Smogu Foundation

Helps to ensure the highest air quality through grants, training, knowledge base, and updates. Inefficient and often outdated heating systems are the cause of smog problems. Lack of financial resources for furnace replacement or purchase of better fuel is one of the problems faced by people using old heating systems. The foundation supports voivodeships and counties in transitioning to the most modern and cleanest technologies. Programs support the elimination of various types of fuel, such as briquettes, coal, wood, or other biomass, which significantly contribute to air pollution.

Smog and health

Various sources report on the negative effects of smog on the health of humans, animals, and plants. Pollutants that enter the respiratory system of humans through the air contribute to the development of many health problems:

- breathing problems,
- exacerbation of asthma symptoms,
- worsening of allergies,
- sleep disturbances,
- accumulation of toxins in the body, which can cause discomfort,
- development of cancer.

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Smog application



The application allows for daily monitoring of air quality in a city chosen by the user. A smog alert informs about the level of pollution. The Polish air quality index usually determines the degree of pollution on a six-point scale from very good, good, moderate, sufficient to bad and very bad. Quick installation, ease of use and quick access to data encourage the use of the application.

How to deal with smog?

- by investing in a high-quality air purifier, which will help remove the amount of harmful pollutants in the room. When choosing a device, pay attention to the area of the interior in which it will be used. For spaces up to 60 m 2, the AP168W Warmtec air purifier with a display AP168W Warmtec will work very well,
- by using protective masks outdoors,
- by refraining from going outside during the highest concentration of pollutants,
- by installing stoves that allow for the use of appropriate fuel to reduce the level of pollution,
- by limiting the amount of exhaust fumes.

Author: Katarzyna Szumska