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Moles in the house - where do they come from, 10 ways to fight them


Moles in the house - where do they come from?

Moles, similar in appearance to butterflies, are smaller than them. Insects differ from each other in color and way of feeding. The most commonly found in homes are food and clothing moths, which can cause a lot of problems. When looking for a way to get rid of them, it is good to know where they most often appear. Insects that enter from the outside often appear in kitchen cabinets and clothing closets.

Moles that enter the house or apartment can be a big problem and can appear in any space. Even clean, well-maintained rooms in new apartments can become a nesting place for them.

moles in the house

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Difference between food and clothing moths

Food moths

Their appearance in the kitchen is a common problem. Not without reason they are called food moths, brown - gray insects feeding on flour, groats, bran and other products found in kitchen cabinets, causing great devastation and leaving larvae in food. Insects often make their way into kitchen corners through unknowingly carrying them in grocery shopping.

Clothes moths

Case-bearing clothes moths, also known as clothing moths, are another and most unpleasant small moths. Yellow-brown moths flying through rooms and flying out of closet corners are insects that should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. Moths in the closet feeding on woolen clothing get into the interior of a house or apartment from various places outside.

Clothes moths make holes in fabrics, destroying their appearance. A female on woolen clothing can lay up to 200 eggs. Another type of clothes moths are so-called fur moths, which not only like woolen fabrics but also larvae that appear in down and fur. Insects feeding on fabrics should be fought as soon as possible to limit the possibility of causing a large amount of damage.

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10 ways to get rid of moths

1. Aromas such as dried orange with cloves, dried sage or mint effectively repel insects.
2. It is beneficial to use a solution of water and vinegar to wipe the surfaces of shelves in cabinets.
3. Another good way is to air out clothing.
4. Shaking out clothes helps to remove moths from fabrics.
5. You can also place dried lavender in sachets in the closet, which is one of the most commonly chosen ways to deal with insects.
6. Lavender in oils also works well, but it must be dropped onto a tissue or fabric that will retain the scent.
7. Using simple and inexpensive solutions, such as glass and tightly sealed plastic containers, limits the access of food moths. Before pouring the contents of a purchased product, check if they have not already entered the packaging on store shelves.
8. In public places, it is beneficial to invest in insect lamps that are electric or shock, neutralizing moths, mosquitoes, flies and other insects.
9. Traps are also used, which attract moths with pheromones.
10. Wormwood also helps to repel insects from the house.


Author: Katarzyna Szumska